blu’s Keto / Low Carb Dining Guide

Are you struggling to eat keto or low carb when you go out to dine? You won’t have to worry at blu on the avenue.

Here is your blu on the avenue guide to eating low carb:


Beef Carpaccio – This is a 100% low carb dish, no modifications necessary, just order and enjoy!

Oysters – Oysters are naturally low in carbs if you can still enjoy them without the crackers (like me!) and for only $10 a dozen on blu’s Happy Hour, it can be a low carb snack you keep coming back for. Make sure you use the cocktail and horseradish sauces in moderation though since they both have trace amounts of carbs.

Edamame – The serving of edamame that blu offers is around 8g of carbs, so depending on your caloric intake this can be a great low carb option, especially if you’re sharing!


Lobster Cobb – Yes, that’s right blu’s signature item is also LOW CARB! The lobster and bacon bleu cheese dressing provide a great source of protein while the avocado provides a natural healthy source of fat. For those on a ketogenic diet, you can’t go wrong with this dish!

Orange Ginger Tuna – This is a great low carb choice, with modification; skip the carrots and the pineapple vinaigrette, instead ask for either oil and vinegar, bacon bleu cheese, or ranch dressing.

House Blend Greens – This simple salad is a great choice as well, add one of blu’s numerous protein options to this salad and you have a complete meal!

Caesar Salad – Caesar salads are always a good low carb option and blu’s home made Caesar dressing is completely low carb.

Dressings: Caesar, Bacon Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Oil & Vinegar


Norwegian Salmon – This is a great low carb dish is you ask for no bread crumbs and substitute the mac and cheese for a side salad or brussels sprouts.

Steak Frites – This flat iron steak is delicious, just avoid the red wine demi sauce as it is loaded with sugar, and of course substitute the fries for either a side salad or brussels sprouts.

Swordfish – This almond crusted Swordfish is excellent even without the sweet potato puree, which is the only change you need to make to have this dish be the perfect keto meal.


blu Steak Burger – Burgers are always a great low carb option, just skip the bun and the secret sauce (since it has ketchup, which means hidden sugars). Add a fried egg and this can also be a great breakfast keto option!


blu on the avenue’s sushi options are so incredible because they will make just about anything you can think of, substitutions are never an issue, and everything is always fresh! If you don’t feel like being inventive though here are some menu items to keep you in ketosis.

Triple Roll – This roll is under 4g of carbs, but if you want to knock it down to 1g of carbs, ask for it without the krab stick (imitation crab is high in carbs). You can enjoy it with the included ponzu sauce or some soy sauce, but stay away from spicy mayo, as it contains sugar.

blu Tarashi Bowl – This is a full meal here for roughly only 8g of carbs, as long as you make these modifications; no rice, kani krab, spicy mayo, or eel sauce. While seaweed salad can be high in carbs, the small portion that is included in the bowl should not break your diet, but if you are trying to be strict, avoid the seaweed salad and cut that carb count down to 4gs.

Sashimi – All sashimi offered at blu is inherently carb free.

Good luck in your efforts to maintain a low carb diet and know that blu on the avenue is wiling to make any modifications to dishes to meet our customers needs!